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Transformer production process and process

2021-03-18 01:12:16   Visit:478

In many electronic application scenarios, people will use various types of transformers, whether it is a high-frequency transformer or a low-frequency transformer, the manufacturing process is similar. The following is a senior design engineer Zou Gong of Shenzhen Yingzhe Technology Co., Ltd. to introduce the general production process of transformers?

1: Prepare the corresponding specification drawings required for production.

2: Prepare the materials required for production, verify the specifications of each material, and the manufacturer.

3: According to the order quantity and quality inspection standards, the samples will be made before production and will be handed over to the technical department to confirm the performance and craftsmanship.

4: Start batch production after confirming the qualification.

1) Remove the extra stitches on the skeleton according to the drawings.

2) Winding.

3) Remove the thread or solder the corresponding tap.

4) Tin plating.

5) Magnetic core assembly.

6) Initial test.

7) Impregnation.

8) High pressure test.

9) Finished test.

10) Labeling.

11) External inspection.

12) Quality inspection.

13) Packed and shipped.

For more knowledge about transformers, you can consult MR Zou, a senior design engineer at Shenzhen Yingzhe Technology Co., Ltd.