About us


 YLZ Technology corporate culture

1. The spirit of YLZ Technology:

        Be virtuous, strive for self-improvement, and climb new heights bravely

2. The purpose/mission of YLZ Technology:

      We will be guided by customer needs, make unremitting efforts to research, create and produce more and better excellent products and services, continue to exceed the ever-increasing expectations of customers, and make contributions to the industrialization of military and civilian applications.

3. The core concept of YLZ Technology

     Uphold integrity, mutual benefit and win-win. Serve with virtue.

4. the quality concept of YLZ Technology

    Quality first, reputation first, management-oriented, and sincere service.

5. The team concept that leads technology

   Communicate more, complain less, understand more, and argue less.

6. The training concept of YLZ Technology

    Diploma cannot be regarded as level, qualification cannot be regarded as ability; academic qualifications and qualifications are not as good as learning ability.

7. The customer concept of YLZ Technology

   The user's reputation is the trophy of the enterprise.

8. The work philosophy of YLZ Technology

   Good at observing, thinking, summarizing, taking responsibility, and innovative.

9. YLZ Technology's service concept

    Let your smile be your greatest asset in your work.