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How to choose a reliable transformer manufacturer

2021-03-18 01:21:37   Visit:479

At present, transformers are widely used in various military, industrial, and civilian industries such as electricity, power supplies, LEDs, toys, etc. However, there are very few real manufacturers, and there are even fewer who have experience and industry precipitation. How to quickly find high quality and quality Reliable, stable supply transformer manufacturers mainly take the following points as a reference.
1: Now the online query function is very developed. First find the product you need and the corresponding company/factory name, and use Enterprise XX or Tian XX to find out the company/factory overview, registered capital, trademark, and patent.
Trademarks and patents can measure whether the company or factory has been immersed in the transformer industry for how long, how much technology has been deposited, and whether it has technology development capabilities.
2: Be sure to inspect the factory on the spot to see if the supplier is a real manufacturer, because most traders are not familiar with the product application, and the products recommended to customers are not reasonable transformers. The main reason is to choose the factory to cooperate. The quality supply is stable, and the recommended transformer is more reasonable.
3: Whether the factory is equipped with professional engineers, because the ability of engineers is mainly related to the development progress of new products.
4: Try to choose a local factory to cooperate, because the distance is too far to affect the technical communication and the delivery is not smooth.
5: Whether the power matches, it is certainly possible to use a high-power transformer with a low-power circuit, but it will increase the cost. Using a low-power transformer with a high-power load will easily cause overload and shorten the service life or even blow up the machine.
6: Whether the voltage resistance is matched, the voltage resistance of the used transformer generally needs to be more than 1.5 times of the output voltage.
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